Asset-Based and Transparent

Unlike many financial advisors, we are not a commission based firm – our advisors are not salespeople. Our asset-based fee is calculated as a percentage of the assets under our management. For that reason, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients with our success depending on their success.

Our Investment Management Concierge Fee includes the following and more:

• Implementation of Actively Managed Investment Strategy

• Ongoing Portfolio Rebalancing

• Comprehensive Financial Analysis

• Medicare and Social Security Recommendations

• Retirement Planning Projections and Cash Flow Assessment

• Protection Planning

• Regular Meetings with Your Advisor

• Our clients have access to our portal where they can access all of their financial accounts along with their financial plan that can be updated with all of your investments.

• Along with having an ongoing working relationship with your advisor a Client Relationship Manager will be responsible to provide our clients with our Concierge style expert service and advice