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If you’ve been covered by a generous employer group health plan, you may be in for a rude awakening when you retire. Here are some tricks for keeping health care costs under control after you retire.

Although the government may subsidize some of your health care costs under the Medicare program, you will still be responsible for certain out-of-pocket costs. You will want to do everything in your power to prepare for these costs, as well as avoid unnecessary costs like late enrollment penalties, overpriced private plans, and superfluous trips to the doctor.

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IRA or 401(k)? Know the key differences between these two popular retirement plans to ensure you are saving in the right account.

Indvidual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s share a lot of similarities. They are both retirement plans. They both can help you lower your tax bill today, provide taxdeferred growth, and help provide an income source in retirement.

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A spouse who inherits an IRA or similar account has a couple of options available depending on what the end goals are. But in most cases, the 99% rule offers flexibility and helps preserve the stretch.

It sounds odd to say, but death is a part of life for us all. It’s one of the few things that we all have in common at some point, and it’s one of the few issues that must be addressed in everyone’s plan.

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This quick reference guide provides key Social Security
numbers to help you in planning. The percentages shown here are applied to the primary insurance amount (PIA) of the worker on whose earnings record benefits are being claimed. The PIA can be found on the worker’s Social Security statement. It is an estimate of the benefit amount if claimed at full retirement age (FRA). Clients can obtain their latest statement by opening an account at

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Our Policies / Your Protection

At Hilltop Wealth Solutions, we respect the personal financial
privacy of all our clients and customers, both current and
former. We want our clients to know that we recognize they
have entrusted us with private personal financial information
and it is extremely important to us that all employees, officers
and clients of our firm know our policy concerning what we
do with that information. For more information, reference our
firm’s ADV and Privacy Brochure.

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CFP Professional Responsibility

Principle 1 – Integrity

Provide professional services with integrity.

Trust is central to a successful financial planning relationship.
You rely on your planner’s honesty, professionalism and abilities to achieve your goals. When you know your planner takes his professional obligations seriously and places principles over personal gain, you can form a good working partnership. CFP Board’s strict Standards of Professional Conduct are designed to ensure your CFP® professional acts in a professionally responsible manner.

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Through Charles Schwab & Company

Hilltop Wealth Solutions has partnered with Charles Schwab & Company as our custodian.

Charles Schwab has more than 30 years of experience in working with independent investment advisors. With more than 3.0M plus accounts at Schwab Advisor Services and serving more than 7,500 registered investment advisor firms, they have the experience, strength and protection required for our client investment platform.

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How We Can Work Together To Protect Your Information And Assets

Safe practices for communicating with our firm

• Keep us informed regarding changes to your personal information.
• Expect us to call you to confirm email requests to move money, trade, or change account information.
• Establish a verbal password with our firm to confirm
your identity, or request a video chat.

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Steps You Should Take In The Aftermath

Within The First 24-48 Hours

1. Call your advisor, regardless of where or how the breach occurred, so he/she can watch for any suspicious activity in your accounts and collaborate with you on extra precautions to take in verifying your identity prior to any fund transfers.

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When you hire a personal financial advisor, you’re starting a long-term relationship with someone who will help you map a course for your financial future. As in dating and marriage, you’ll want to find an advisor with whom you click. Before you establish a relationship with an advisor, you’ll will want to interview several candidates to find the right match.

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