Retirement Services

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401% serious about helping businesses give their employees a successful retirement.

At Hilltop, we are committed to an independent yet collaborative approach with other providers of your retirement benefits. We want to be the comprehensive expert of your plan, not just it’s investments. We know the key to a good retirement plan is more than just investments, so we will serve you in these key areas.

Improve Plan Performance

Even your favorite employee does not want to work forever. We help your employees increase their probability of retirement success by:

  1. Customizing Plan Design to optimize functioning
  2. Automating Participant Contributions to increase savings rates
  3. Support on Annual Compliance Tasks to keep DoL and ERISA happy
  4. Analyze Provider Fees on an ongoing basis to ensure your employee’s money is going where it belongs – in their own pockets!

Fulfill your fiduciary duty

Why hire a fiduciary advisor? You are a fiduciary, too! At Hilltop, we partner with you as a listed fiduciary on your retirement plan and assist you in fulfilling your fiduciary duty by:

  1. Preparation and Maintenance of Investment Policy Statement to define the criteria governing your plan’s investments
  2. Coordinate Annual Investment Committee Meetings to complete necessary due diligence
  3. Quarterly Fund Analysis to ensure optimal investment options


Review Liability Protection – safety first!

Educate your Employees

It is far better to teach one to fish, than to feed them one fish. At Hilltop, we believe education is vital to Sponsor and Participant success. We strive to educate through:   

  1. Financial Skill Workshops
  2. Webcasts
  3. Enrollment Guidance and Support
  4. On-Site Administrative Training

Our Process

We incorporate these services using our Fiduciary Prudent Processes adopted from Fi360 – the team that wrote the book on Fiduciary Due Diligence. Our process is intentionally built to help keep you and your employees protected from mishaps and fiduciary omissions. As a 3(38) Fiduciary, we take you through these 4 steps:

  • Evaluating Goals
  • Under the Hood
  • Setting the Vision
  • Design Audibles
  • Fiduciary Checkmarks
  • Setting the Foundation
  • Executing Documents
  • Participant Engagement
  • Setting up Autopilot
  • Investments
  • Plan Engagement
  • Audibles

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