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We take a unique approach with our investment strategy!

The core of our investment philosophy is crafted around your risk tolerance and the ability to compound returns and ultimately your wealth.

• Market Predictors

Can anyone guess the markets and what they will do the next quarter, the next year, the next three years of course not.

• Institutional Investors How Do They Do It?

The big guys on the block like pension funds, insurance funds, and endowments widely base their core investment decisions on facts and data. Not emotion. They don’t guess or invest on a hunch or on what they read. This is often called an institutional approach and strategy.

• Market Downturns

Our goal is to limit your losses during market pullbacks so that when the markets rally back, you have more money to capture the upside.

• Our Investment Management Process

Our investment process is truly unique to you the investor. This institutional approach to wealth management uses only factual data, not forecasting, to make investment decisions. This relentless adherence to a statistical process is unemotional, unbiased and incredibly powerful. As a client you will receive the same process as the multibillion-dollar funds.

• The Investment Team

Our partnership with Helios Quantitative Research allows our in-house investment committee to utilize quantitative asset management principals, and the underlying elements and data within a client portfolio, we can create mathematical diversity. We believe mathematical diversity mitigates the impact of a market or economic crises and maximizes confidence in achieving financial plans.

• Hilltop Investment Models

We have a series of investment strategies that will either over-weight its equity position to pursue excess returns, be neutral equity weight, or under-weight to seek the protection of capital during actual or expected turbulence.

• Do We Pay More for this Portfolio Management Process?

You pay no more: the process, partnership, trading and management are all included within our asset management fee. No hidden costs. Clear and easy to understand.

Typical Wealth Manager

Hilltop Wealth & Tax Solutions


Own a mix of stocks and bonds.

Diversify with Our Data Driven Process

Own a mix of stock and bonds based on the market environment.

Buy Appeal

Select Funds that have historically performed well.

Buy Appeal & Experience

Select funds that blend good performance, cost, and the investor experience .


Periodically look at your portfolio and sell funds that have performed poorly. Changes often made very infrequent.

Review and React

With frequent calculation points, when the data changes we dynamically adjust to better position with the new environment. Frequent calculation points.

Communicate Reactively

Explain what already happened in your portfolio.

Communicate Proactively

Explain what is happening and why changes are warranted.

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A Strategic approach to investing can help you maximize your retirement income while minimizing your taxes.

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