Easy-to-read guides that keep you focused on what's important

Roth IRA Conversion Guide

Tax Free distributions sound good right? But Roth conversion are not right for everyone, we like to think of this guide as a starting a more detailed analysis will be needed, but start here  by learning some of the basics.  

5 Things You Can Do with an IRA That You Can’t with a 401k

IRA’s and 401k(s) share a lot of similarities; they can help lower your tax bill and provide deferred growth but there are differences.

Key Financial Data for 2022

Have you ever wanted key data for the year in a concise format? This guide covers tax brackets, tax rates, social security information and much more.

Social Security QUICK Reference Guide for 2022

This reference guide provides key Social Security numbers that can help you in planning. Including maximum wages subject to Social Security tax and survival spouse information.

Do You Want to Know More About Spousal IRA’s ?S

When a spouse inherits IRAs from their deceased spouse there are choices and unfortunately the choices are not all that simple,  this guide The 99% Rule for Spousal Beneficiaries of IRA’s will help explain the details. 

Social Security Benefits Guide for 2022

Will my social security benefits be reduced? If you qualify for social security, them guess what you have a pension. Determining when to take your social security benefits is complicated, there are often more than 10,000 different combinations. Find out how your benefits may be affected.